Poppy Balser Workshop Day 3

This is as far as I got on the Point Prim location today. I tried to use all the colours and methodology we’ve learned so far and a few times I thought it was a lost cause. It more or less came together in the end. I was reassured by Poppy saying it was the most difficult scene to paint at the Point. There’s still a bit of tweaking to do but it will have to wait for another day.


Poppy Balser Workshop Day 2

I have to say I really appreciate the systematic approach to painting Poppy Balser is teaching. All colour mixes are prepared and tested before painting each layer. Then working from our previous day’s tonal painting we did a top down, background to foreground approach in three layers… light washes followed by mid-tones and then darks. Some details were added then a gentle group critique followed. We all did well according to our instructor (yay). Tomorrow it’s off to Point Prim for some plein air lessons… weather permitting.

Poppy Balser Workshop day 1

Tonal Study – Waves and Rocks.

If you’re ever in the Digby area of Nova Scotia I recommend taking a watercolour workshop with Poppy Balser (poppybalser.com). She offers four days of comprehensive instruction on various watercolour techniques and walks you through a step by step approach to completing a painting. Part of today’s lesson was a tonal study in preparation for tomorrow. I’m happy with the progress I made on the spray but not as happy with the rocks. It will be interesting to see how the coloured version turns out.

Barrington Passage Sketchbook: Stoney Island

It’s always nice to sit in your car and sketch after a hike in the rain :). It’s the annual Girl’s Hiking Weekend and this morning’s hikes included Cape Sable Island and Stoney Island. The rain has stopped and the fog is lifting. I may head back to Cape Sable for a plein air attempt this afternoon. Let’s hope the weather improves.

Nova Scotia Sketchbook: Noisy Neighbour

I did a quick sketch this morning of an image I took last year on a hike through Miners Marsh. The redwing blackbirds were calling loudly across the marsh. This one hopped on a mound of grass and twigs where three turtles were trying to sun themselves. They did not look pleased to have to share their spot with such an extrovert and headed at turtle speed for the water.