Evening Estuary

Today’s sketch is the Habitant Estuary at sunset. When the light hits it just right, it glows for about twenty or so minutes before everything fades to monochrome greys and whites. I worked fast while the Canada Geese flew over in noisy squadrons. The tide’s out so the channel is filled with frozen lumps of mud-ice which have their own slow beauty. In their short lives they are formed, picked up, and dropped multiple times by the ebb and flow of the tide until eventually they are carried out into the basin to melt in the salty water. This long moving sculpture changes the scenery every day.

Nest study

I’m not sure whose house this was, wasp, hornet, or bee, but it was an interesting piece of architecture. It was hanging in a nearby barn so I took a photo. The combination of washes, lines, and shapes were good practice. I could soften a few more edges and add a few more lines but I’m basically done. I’m hoping it translates well to a larger painting.

Looking Beyond

I sketched this little scene because much of it is hiding behind the dormant apple tree and beyond the bluff. It seems silly to paint something then cover it up with an object in the foreground. However, I feel the tree creates more depth, and by challenging the eye to look beyond, it gives the viewer a more active role in finding what’s there.

A Birthday/Christmas Gift

This little garage is in Grand Pré and has been there for decades. I just finished this painting for my dad who is eighty-five. He remembers it from drives to the valley with his uncle and father; and he had mentioned to my sister that he would love a painting of it.

What was intended as a birthday present is now a Christmas gift, so even though I missed the first deadline in November, I’m well ahead of schedule for December. Yay!

For those of you doing handmade gifts this year I know it can add to the pressure, but the personal touch is so worth it. Seasons Greetings!

Change of Seasons

There won’t be many opportunities left to sketch in the sunroom this fall unless I turn on the heaters. The feed corn was harvested across the road today while the carrots were taken from this field a month ago now. There are lots left in the ground that got missed by the harvester. I can imagine how the early morning frosts have sweetened them up.