Favourite spot

I love how the early morning sun lights up one of my favourite spots to curl up in. I’m not usually an early riser but when I am the camera is always close by.

A favourite spot to curl up – copyright G.M. Isenor

On these early mornings, I see from my big comfy chair, beautiful sunrises that say “come paint me.”  (A few recent paintings hanging around in the background).

copyright G.M. Isenor

I’m not very self-disciplined and motivation is a fickle thing but the world around me is one of the things that motivates me to get up and paint.   Heaven knows it’s not for financial gain!



For me, the “reward” from painting comes from connecting with others. I guess that’s mainly why I do what I do. It’s great to share and see what others are sharing/working on. So, a big thanks to everyone for all the likes, comments, and follows to date and for sharing your posts. There’s a ton of talent out there.

I’d also love to hear what motivates you! Post a comment below or tag a post, piece of artwork, or photograph with #periwinkleblur (so I can find you in a search) and let me know where your creative spark comes from.

Off to do my painting-a-day for… I think, day number 5.  And it’s back to watercolours after my acrylic adventure on Sunday.

Learning Realism in Acrylic


Pumpkins 4×6 Acrylic on masonite board – by G.M. Isenor

I started learning watercolours a couple of years ago for the challenge. My goal was to eventually move to acrylics with a good basic knowledge of colour and technique.  So, yesterday I did a workshop in acrylics with the amazingly talented Alan Bateman at his home studio in Canning, NS. You can check out Alan’s Blog here.

The class had about fifteen of us with a few repeats and there was quite a bit of talent in the room.  Masonite boards had been prepared for us beforehand and a seasonal photo of pumpkins was our subject.

Alan impressed us all with how fast and accurately he could whip off the demo painting, and also with the delicious treats that were prepared for break.

I was surprised by how much the acrylics moved like watercolours. Seeing the right colours can be tricky and as the instructor moved from painter to painter, he paused to work with me a bit on seeing colour properly (I was the only one who saw mauve in the stems).

Of course I had to take my piece home to finish it; and although I didn’t achieve the degree of realism of a Bateman, I was still happy with my result.

Fluorite Marble

Today’s quick draw is a large fluorite marble I used to keep in my treatment room when I was an RMT.

Fluorite is supposed to have healing properties. I really don’t know about that,  but it was certainly calming to stare into it while I was painting it.

I keep it in my art studio now. It looks a little 3D to me. Does it look that way to you?  That wasn’t my intention.😮  But it’s kinda cool.




 I always admire artists who can paint quickly and from their imagination.  This is a quick 15 minute sketch to practice dropping colour onto wet paper. I had to go to a reference photo of a bird to figure out how to place the tail but the rest of the bird is imaginary.  It’s the first day of fall and the first morning the house was below 20 Celsius in a while. No wonder my brain turned to something tropical.  I might try a painting a day for the next little while to see how it goes!! Feel free to join me if you’re up for it.🙂