Happy Valentine’s Day Msit No’kmaq

Blomidon, NS

I learned a Mi ‘kmaw phrase the other day from a client… Msit No’kmaq (“Mm-sit Noh-goh-mah”). It means “all my relations” and includes in the phrase the spirit of all the plants, animals, water, stones, etc. It beautifully recognizes inter-being and tells us to hold what we love carefully. It is both gentle and profound and reminds me, this Valentine’s Day, of our shared responsibility to look after each other and our planet.


Happy Valentine’s Day
Msit No’kmaq

More information on Mi’kmaw spirituality can be found at http://www.muiniskw.org/pgCulture2.htm


2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day Msit No’kmaq

  1. I am descendent of Chief Mi’kmaw Henry Membertou through my mother’s mother’s line. I am pleased and proud to have discovered this connection. Thanks for this post!

    1. Glad you liked it. I had an aunt by marriage who was mi ‘kmaw thoigh i don’t know her specific family ancestry. I knew very little about her but she also taught me a few words. Thanks for commenting!

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