Salt Marsh Series: Take off

Time to let this one fly.
IMG_7414The problem with using photos (see earlier blog) is I feel like I have to reproduce them exactly as I see them, which I can’t do, and which leads me into trouble — painting, correcting, painting, correcting.   It muddies the work and the beautiful transparency of the paint is lost.

The water value needs to be lighter and grey, the salt marsh needs more orange and yellow, and the heron needs to be big enough that I can manage the detail or small enough so that it doesn’t matter.

Painting is such a mind game. I left the  border on the paper instead of trimming it and added a drizzle of cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, and gamboge because it wasn’t fun anymore and I needed to play a bit. If I decide to attempt a final version the border won’t be there; but maybe it should be — in contrast the painting looks more realistic.

Anyway, I’ve lost my desire to work on this anymore, I can see where I want to go but I don’t have the wingspan to get there yet.


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