There are some things that I like on this little guy. His cap turned out great and his beak and breast too. I am happy with the stick.  I reworked the wings and tail feathers at least four or five times.  They almost match but they’re too purple for my liking. I think they need less red more blue in the next layer of black.  You can never have enough black.


6 thoughts on “Chickadee

  1. I love using black…though a long way….back, at art school, I was told to leave it off my pallette for a while, because I used so much of it. It was a help for my colour mixing skills to do this for a while. However, I still love black and it works well when used carefully; as you have done here. 🙂

    1. I was told not to use black too by various instructors. I’m still learning how to mix what I want. It never seems to be inky enough for me. I find it’s a deep and defining colour. It’s difficult to resist.

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