Foggy impressions 

I don’t have a good title for this impressionistic piece. It was an exercise in capturing fog.

Multiple layers of wash with permanent rose and payne’s grey on strathmore 140 lb watercolour paper created the depth. Sap green on the landscape was too contrasty so I resorted to a final wash with W/N white.

It turned into an exercise in colour application followed immediately by lifting off. I’ll never underestimate the skill of the impressionists.

The softness is there but I’m not thrilled. Painting hard edges is easier. It’s going to take a while for this to grow on me.

I pretend to resist structure, but locking this puppy into a frame could only help.


8 thoughts on “Foggy impressions 

  1. I love the translucence that you have conveyed, particularly in the water. The way you have painted the image reminded of some of Turner’s Art. It’s an image that conveys mystery and fact. I look forward to seeing more of your Art.

  2. I suppose it depends upon your aims, but I feel there could be some more forms with lost and found edges to lead the eye backwards and emphasise mistiness by reducing their clarity. Also the right hand side without anything but glazes leaves a little imbalance with forms on the left. However, you have created a piece with a lot of mystery. Hope this is useful to you.

    1. I think you’re correct. I worked from someone’s photograph which to my mind was very flat and blurry. I could have improvised some buildings or rocks or perhaps more boats in the water. Good advice for next time. Thank-you!

  3. I think there’s a lot to admire and be intrigued by in this painting – it really appealed to me and drew me in, so I don’t think you should be disappointed or critical – I particularly like that it leaves the viewer room to think / imagine what’s out there amongst the mist!

    1. Thank you John. I had a different vision when I started out. The painting took its own path. I’ve realized my disappointment is based on my expectations and not achieving them. Obviously the painting has its own merit. I’m glad it has appeal and I’m glad you said so.

      1. I’ve mulling this over a little as it resonated a little with a current dilemma. A friend has said they’d like one of my recent paintings (will be on the blog soon!) but I was initially reluctant as there’s so much about the painting that I think I can improve on – so much so I’ve already committed to doing another version so they can make a choice. I think there’s a lesson that I need to take on board along the line of once you’ve painted something, you kind of have to let go of it and just let others make of it what they will. (although I think this may be much easier said than done!)

      2. Exactly. I guess it’s like “finding” the statue in the block of marble. Nothing wrong with doing another version as long as we don’t dismiss the art in the present one I guess.

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