Canada Square, Canary Wharf WIP


Canada Square, Canary Wharf copyright G.M.Isenor

I’ve always wanted to do an urban night scene.

This sketch of Canada Square, Canary Wharf in London is from a photo I took about 11 months ago. We had a lovely dinner at the restaurant though I can’t remember it’s name.

Though this is the inevitable ugly stage I see the potential. Lots of reserved light, the wash on the pedestrian walk, and some degree of success with the perspective.  Even this rough it achieves the feeling I’m looking for.

The darks are hinted at. There are no real shadows yet. It may serve as a template for a larger work or not.

Optimistic. Still lots to figure out. What would another artist add or take away? What would you change?


12 thoughts on “Canada Square, Canary Wharf WIP

  1. To this I’d add one more layer – this time the fine lines and dry washes using carefully chosen darker colors in carefully chosen places. Just the right touch of definition here and there … to this magnificent work.

  2. I was out on Saturday getting images of Liverpool at night. Fortunately it was raining so the pavements were reflective which really helps. Also the coloured lights eg advertising, traffic lights, brake lights all add sparkle. I posted one on 24th December – Wet night on Bold Street and was quite pleased with that which drove me to go out on Saturday.
    I like the building on the right at the back, though I would add more detail/colour under the awning on the right which is where my eye is going.
    Hope that is useful.

    1. Thanks Graham that is very useful. The lights and reflections in your post really glow and invite you in to through the door. Also, I like your treatment of the people. There’s just enough detail and softness to again drive the focal point home. A larger version of my painting has now been commissioned. It will be a challenge so I appreciate the feedback. Hope to see more of your urban landscapes in addition to the terrific rural/village settings.

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