Wet Sand

The edge of things is where the action is.

I watch the tide daily and when our instructor gave us this assignment, I felt I would be in my element.  Even though the lines and subject were simple the subtle shades were easy to under/overdo. The sandstone cliff took three tries. I’m okay with the result but I didn’t want it to be a focal point.  What I liked best was the wet sand where the shore and water overlap.

The challenge was, do I treat this like water or like sand?   To achieve the desired effect I overlaid a bit of colour from each at either edge and traced (dry brushed) it into the space between. Standing back it has a nice effect and captures the feel of many places along the Fundy shoreline.

Colours used: ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, permanent rose.
Paper: Arches 140lb cold pressed.


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