Inspiring Workshop with Poppy Balser

A terrific workshop with Poppy Balser on Wednesday.  Poppy is an award winning plein air landscape artist who lives and paints in Nova Scotia, Canada.

The  workshop covered tonal paintings, using scrap paper for testing colours, the importance of softening edges, composition and balance. There were about twenty artists who attended and lots of great questions and answers.

After the demo we were tasked with doing our own.

Below is the tonal painting and finished piece I painted.  Two tips were to use more pigment and to not get too far into the details.  Poppy liked my sky and, even though she told me to put my brush down,  I couldn’t resist dropping some purple into it when I got home. It looks good when you stand back but isn’t as brooding as the photo I used. I feel the painting is vibrant though and I’m happy to have achieved that.


More of Poppy’s beautiful work can be found on her website at



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