Never say never, never say always

Clouds over the Minas Basin

There may be more to say here but it’s done for now.

Thank you to everyone who provided input and motivation.  I kept at it mainly for the lessons learned (and there were many) such as, don’t hold the cloth for cleaning your glasses in one hand while holding a paint brush in the other – there’s some sort of magnetic attraction.  Also, food and drink need to be on a separate table at all times so only water is mixed with your pigment.  I learned a bit about technique too, or at least what not to do, especially when approaching clouds.

If you haven’t been following, check out my last post here.

After getting off to a bad start, it was surprising how far I was able to take this. The bushes and trees came in quickly but the clouds were vexing… more cloud practice is needed. I did manage to reclaim some of the sky despite intensifying and darkening the clouds.  And, I may still drop in more green over the salt marsh.

While I never thought it would come together, to my eye at least, it has a bit of that magic that happens in certain light conditions.  Let me know if you think so too?

Next up: I’m excited to get started on something new (no clouds). A friend has given me permission to use one of her amazing photos. Another challenge that I hope won’t take almost a year of procrastination like this one did.




4 thoughts on “Never say never, never say always

  1. Oh yes, what a transformation you’ve achieved! You must (and should) be really pleased with this. I especially like the light in the branches of the trees and the beautiful colour combos in the fields.

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