At rest

I started my next project today but first, to use up the old washes, I took a minute to finish this.

I often do these little fantasy paintings. I use my imagination and let the leftover paint lead me.

Each time I complete a work, I add a bit to a secondary piece. It produces some of my most relaxed paintings.

It’s fun to experiment when you’re not trying to recreate an image.

This is the first time I tried to cut in sunbeams (maybe a few too many).  In the end, something was missing so I added the little boat which “anchors” it (I’m learning).

What do other people do with their leftover washes? It seems a shame to waste them.

PS: I like these clouds.


12 thoughts on “At rest

  1. Oh! I really like this one! And your idea to use up your extra wash on a second painting is great! I hope others comment on this too. I am new to learning watercolor myself and am enjoying the process!

    1. Thank You! I’ve only been painting with watercolours a couple of years so I hope others comment as well. Good luck on your ambitious project of 50 paintings this year. I’m looking forward to seeing them.

  2. What a beautiful atmosphere in this painting. I can tell you were relaxed when you painted your phantasy landscape. Try to be as relaxed whenever you paint. I too always clean my palette that way when I paint in oil, therefore I often have multiple paintings on the go, but try to never waste any paint whatever medium I use. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Antje! I never thought to do this when I worked in oils years ago. It’s s medium I hope to return to one day. It’s a challenge to relax when you’re trying not to make mistakes. I’m still building trust that the paint will do what it’s supposed to if that makes sense. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Excellent piece! I like how how the sunlight comes through the clouds. Beautiful!
    I like to use my leftover paint washes to paint underlying values on a new painting. The blend of colors creates a unique gray wash which can be adjusted by adding blues, greens, and or burnt sienna. There is a fine line between creating unique undertones and creating mud, so be sure to practice applying the wash to a serious painting! You can view an example of mine here:

    1. That is great advice Tom! I do have a challenge with muddy-ing my paint. Definitely something to practice. My next big work will have a lot of grey in it so I will need to do some experimenting. Thanks for the link!

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