Learning Realism in Acrylic


Pumpkins 4×6 Acrylic on masonite board – by G.M. Isenor

I started learning watercolours a couple of years ago for the challenge. My goal was to eventually move to acrylics with a good basic knowledge of colour and technique.  So, yesterday I did a workshop in acrylics with the amazingly talented Alan Bateman at his home studio in Canning, NS. You can check out Alan’s Blog here.

The class had about fifteen of us with a few repeats and there was quite a bit of talent in the room.  Masonite boards had been prepared for us beforehand and a seasonal photo of pumpkins was our subject.

Alan impressed us all with how fast and accurately he could whip off the demo painting, and also with the delicious treats that were prepared for break.

I was surprised by how much the acrylics moved like watercolours. Seeing the right colours can be tricky and as the instructor moved from painter to painter, he paused to work with me a bit on seeing colour properly (I was the only one who saw mauve in the stems).

Of course I had to take my piece home to finish it; and although I didn’t achieve the degree of realism of a Bateman, I was still happy with my result.


4 thoughts on “Learning Realism in Acrylic

  1. years ago I did a pumpkin painting for a class, but with the real pumpkin. Try that on now for “realism” and see if having done the first one will help you do the second…to find the colours, etc.. So excited for where you are going with your art!

    1. Thanks Barbara. I’m still more comfortable painting from pictures. We’ll see how I do at the plein air in Port Joli this weekend!!! Are you going? I think there may be one more spot. Would love to see your pumpkin if you still have it.

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