Beaubassin Research Station


Beaubassin Research Station in the fall , Tantramar Marsh

I thought I’d turn this around in an hour as a sketch but I kept adding more detail — even though I tried to stay loose. After four hours, I decided to leave it alone. I can clean it up once it drys, work on the values, and maybe have a finished painting.



Last October our painting group (The Evangeline Artists’ Co-Op) went to Beaubassin Research Station for a four day retreat/workshop. The area has a lot of historical as well as scientific importance.  Long before it became a research station, it was an Acadian settlement.

The Nova Scotian artist, Joy Laking, provided daily demonstrations and instruction. During breaks, we got to wander the grounds and take pictures. CN Rail has a route between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick that runs past the station. Twice a day we were treated to the train whistle as it passed by.

Tomorrow our group is going on a new retreat to Port Joli. The focus is plein air but with the weather getting cool I’m not sure how many of us will be sturdy enough to venture out.

That’s it for Day 6 of a painting a day. Tomorrow I’ll be busy getting ready for the trip so I likely won’t post.  Have a great day! 🍷


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