Maple Leaf


maple leaf watercolour on 140 lb fabriano
 Nothing says autumn like a watercolour of a maple leaf, unless of course it’s a hurricane!

Hurricane Matthew blew through the other day taking many of the coloured leaves off the trees.  Most were badly beat up but I managed to find one for today’s practice that was paint-worthy.  

We got a good soaking but the eastern part of the province and parts of Cape Breton are much worse off. Sending thoughts and prayers to those who took the brunt of it.


4 thoughts on “Maple Leaf

  1. Love the colours and the shadow is great. I notice you complete a sketch nearly every day – do you use your sketches for studio artwork or do you use it purely for practice?

    1. Thank you Jackie! Mostly for practice at this point. I have used one or two as the basis for a completed painting. I’ve noticed a lot of artists do value sketches before they begin a piece. I may get that disciplined some time but right now it’s all training.

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