Guarding the Roost


guarding the roost 11×12 abstract wc on Strathmore 140 lb cold pressed

I bought my first bamboo brush last week and wanted to get a feel for doing something more abstract. 

So, inspired by several other watercolour artists, I worked loosely over an old wc-pencil drawing of a dish by wetting specific areas of colour using long sweeping strokes. Then, I continued by dropping clean water for some interesting blooms and runs.  

The brush was juicy and versatile though it lost several bristles as I worked. It was student grade but I’m not sure if bristle loss is normal.

The challenge was to let the paint flow where it wanted. Then, I added colour and, as the shape of the rooster emerged, teased out some detail.  

My temptation is to go back in with more detail but based on past experience I’ll let it sit for a while first.  It’s kind of interesting the way it is.  

Definitely a fun and satisfying exercise. 


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