Puffin Community

Puffin Community: watercolour on 140lb cold pressed

I’ve never seen Puffins in real life, but I’ve learned they are fun to paint even if only from a photo. I don’t know who took the original picture we worked from, so I’m unable to assign credit at this time.

The exercise kept us busy over the last couple of watercolour classes, but I finished my interpretation today, during “paint day” at the cottage.

 The ladies from the Evangeline Artists Cooperative braved the rains at 9:30 this morning and we painted our way into a drier but overcast afternoon. A brown bag lunch, coffee, tea, and sweets provided fuel.

 One of our members remarked how lucky we were. Painting with a group is motivating and puts us in the company of many greats from history, who also had their own communities (but that’s as far as the comparison went). 

For me, connection also includes a larger community of many talented artists, bloggers, and followers who connect with me on social media. It provides another source of inspiration and motivation. 



Some Evangeline Artists’ Co-op members. photo credit Susan Surette-Draper

If you haven’t got a group to paint with I recommend finding one or starting one. I’m very grateful for these ladies.  If you already belong to a community, let me know where and how you found them, or maybe how they found you. 🙂

Much love!


2 thoughts on “Puffin Community

  1. I’ve been enjoying looking at your lovely paintings. As a new painter myself it’s inspiring to see what others are doing. I agree about having a group to paint with. When I first took a pastel class I met two other women, one of which has a small studio where she paints, and now we meet there weekly to paint and visit. Recently we started a watercolor class together, and I’ve been enjoying working with the instructor and other artists in the class. Very satisfying.

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