Northern Lights


Northern Lights wc 4×6 140lb cold pressed
Card #2 – Northern Lights – 1st time ever adding glitter to a painting. 😳 I may need more restraint there. Colours were: Mayan Dark Blue, Cobalt Blue, Sap Green, and Cadmium Red.

Again, we sourced the original image from some old Christmas cards.  In this case I worked from an image my instructor, Linda Barkhouse had recreated. 

With the exception of the glitter explosion that took a few minutes to clean up, these are tidy little ways to practice various watercolour techniques.  

They’re about 4×6 and from start to finish and take me a couple of hours.  Once done they can be glued onto card stock or scanned and then printed directly onto the cards. The images are ‘borrowed’ so they can’t be sold, but they may end up as a name tag on someone’s gift this year.

In fact, they’re so much fun they’re an easy distraction from the larger pieces I’m working on.  Fa la la la la!!!



3 thoughts on “Northern Lights

  1. I love the mysterious looking Northern Lights and hope to see them in person some day. I am also a big fan of glitter, so I find this creation to be really great!

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