Seaweed Harvest (Ocean Harvest)

Seaweed Harvest: 15×22 wc 300lb Fabriano. Permission/photo credit – Pamela Butler.
My friend took this picture of a seaweed harvester in front of her cottage one morning. I love the composition and the mystical blend of ocean and sky.

Harvesting seaweed, is something you don’t see everyday. So, I felt fortunate to have the opportunity to capture this traditional method of gathering in watercolour. 

This will be one of three paintings I’ll be exhibiting in the Acadia Universty Art Gallery next week in their annual community show. All that’s left is to frame it and then to choose the other two entries.  


10 thoughts on “Seaweed Harvest (Ocean Harvest)

    1. Thanks, Graham. The gallery gets 30% so I added that on top. Pricing is a tough call when you’re starting out. It feels a little high but if I take 30% off my original price it feels like it wasn’t worth the effort beyond the fun of painting it of course.

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