Spring Tide – Minas Basin

 Spring Tide – Minas Basin: 22×30 watercolour 300lb Fabriano cold pressed

I went to Blomidon Provincial Park a few weeks ago when the snow was finally leaving on a gray spring day, and snapped a shot of the Minas Basin from the hill at the beginning of the trail.  I decided it was worth an attempt in Watercolour.

I used about five different pigments. In places it became an exercise in line and wash. The line gives it a stark beauty that matches the bareness of the pre-spring landscape and the layers of sediment along the cliff. I also like the composition of the three cliffs and the lines of water as the tide recedes. It may be worth a second try with a looser style.

I would have missed this view completely if I hadn’t stopped and looked back. Sometimes, when I’m charging ahead, I forget to turn around and look at the beauty behind me–glad I did this time.



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