The Beach at Cape Blomidon

The Beach at Cape Blomidon, Bay of Fundy, NS – 15X22 WC 300lb Fabriano cp
I think this is a good stopping point for this painting of The Beach at Cape Blomidon.

I tried to convey the enormity of the beach while still getting across the idea of how large the cliffs are.  It’s hard to capture the particular red/orange of the sand and cliffs.

Standing there with winter jacket and camera in hand, it felt like the land was starting to breathe again, too soon for leaves but lots of colourful promise in the trees.

Cape Blomidon is the home of Glooscap, a creator figure in many local native cultures.

It’s intended to be a companion piece to this painting Spring Tide, which looks in the opposite direction.  Hope you like it.  These will both be for sale in the upcoming exhibition on June 10th in Port Williams and will be on display at The Landing Spa and Studio in Canning, NS.


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