Big Sky at Round Hill

My plein air attempt of a farm at Round Hill on the Annapolis River.   After a rainy and cold start it turned out to be a gorgeous day!

These lands once belonged to the Acadians.

Hopefully I’m getting the hang of this. It is so challenging to paint quickly. Some in the group felt my sky was the most successful bit, but I was more pleased with the farm and field across the river.

I looked for the light and found it there.

My second attempt of the day was not post worthy.  I was on a bridge with moving water and it didn’t take long for the black flies to discover me.   My concentration went out the window as I brushed away at the flies instead of the painting.

Lunch was served in the community hall and the critique was helpful.



4 thoughts on “Big Sky at Round Hill

  1. You’re getting into this plein air painting. Very good. When I go out I look for big shapes and strong tonal contrasts as subjects. Too much small detail is difficult at the best of times but not when working at speed. Either avoid it or simplify. Looks like you are enjoying it apart from the insects.

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