At the cottage

This is the plein air watercolour I did today.  Last week’s didn’t turn out so no post for that one.  Its all part of figuring it out. 

The Art Show and Sale took up all of yesterday, so I squeezed in this little painting after lunch and before guests arrived. 

Based on some generous advice, thanks Graham (Graham McQuade Fine Art), I made a few decisions to help simplify things in the limited time I had. 

There’s a forty foot drop down to the water, so the fence at the edge of the cliff got left out, along with a blue bench and a picnic table.  The greens in the background are a little too vibrant and could be muted with some red but I didn’t want to spend time thinking about it beyond laying down the shape. Also, the chair to the left of the fire pit turned out better than the one on the right but they sit nicely in the composition so I resisted redoing the right one. 

I like the shadow from the tree but I’d also like a little more white reserved in the chairs, fire pit, and tree trunk. I’ll get there eventually.

The plan to stick with simple shapes and colours seemed to work and I can see the potential.  We’re off to Blomidon this Thursday… familiar territory.  This time I’ll try to get the hues correct as well as reserve a little more of the white.   

Update July 25th 2017 — Here is a revised version of the original image with additional highlights and shadows.  I think I t adds a little more depth.


5 thoughts on “At the cottage

  1. Yeah, these are the scenes that work well, some detail in the foreground with the view. Putting a couple in the chairs would raise your game. Figures make great focal points and animation in a painting. But this is a step forward in my opinion. You sound like you are enjoying this.

    1. I had the opportunity to do figures at the beach on a recent one but chickened out thinking I’d add them later. Got home and realized I lost the the image in my mind so it’s not going to happen. I’ll keep that in mind for the future though. Thanks.

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