Waterfall at Blomidon 

This week’s plein air is of the waterfall at Blomidon. With beautiful sandstone cliffs on either side, I turned my back to the ocean and large sky, to choose this site because of the challenge of the water spilling over the rocks and because in a few weeks it will be gone.

I took a minute to clean this up at home with some helpful tips from the group at the end. A blue wash worked on the rocks for wetness. Also, I decided to scratch out the fine detail for the sprinkling traces of water rather than use a white wash. Still a little thick with the pigment in some spots but I think it’s post-worthy so it’s definitely better than last week’s!  

There were two small children who came to play at the base of the falls while I was working.   They only stayed for a few minutes but they would have been great to add scale.  The cliffs and falls are about 40′ tall.  It may be time to start practicing some figure painting. 😜


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