The bullfrogs in the ponds serenaded me as I painted this gazebo at Blomidon Inn after lunch.

One checked me out as it leap-frogged across the path to another pond behind me.

The bulk of the work was bullrushes and trees. I managed to come up with some resemblance of them in about an hour with only two greens in my pallet. Maybe not one for the wall but I’m getting faster.


4 thoughts on “Gazebo 

  1. I think painting bigger shapes plein air, like you,ve done here, helps. You get the meaning across without getting fiddly. I think if you vary your greens more it might help. More blue in the background trees might pull them away from the reeds. I even slip into purples/ purple blue with some foliage, especially in the shade.

    1. I currently use sap green and phthalo green. I was thinking of looking into getting some hookers green. I will try adding more blue and purple shades. Makes sense! Thank you!

  2. I wouldn’t get any more greens – just look at different ways of modifying them. I don’t use any greens – just two yellows and two blues ( as well as two reds) and mix my greens – you can get masses of variations.

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