Wild Pea, Everlasting 

I went to Harbourville today with the plein air group determined to keep it simple. It wasn’t.

At the two hour mark I had a very muddled, flat painting. Once home, I added some ink, some extra grass, and scratched out a few more highlights. It turned into an interesting piece, but not at all what I was hoping for. 

I was looking to capture the light in the delicate hues of the wild Everlasting Pea that grows along the rocky coast. I was unable to mix the colour I saw, but I think the looseness reads as a pea flower. 

 The opening in the rocks gave the sense that it’s not a spot you’d want to step in while the mud on the right looks a bit like a lions paw; and in the end, it’s the dark crevasse that seemed to be the focal point. 

I spent a lot of time trying unsuccessfully to get the right values on the granite and earth around the opening to emphasize the void. I’m not sure why I was so drawn to it. Maybe the flowering peas are not really so light and only grow there to lure in unsuspecting artists… but that sounds a little like a fairy tale for another day.


4 thoughts on “Wild Pea, Everlasting 

  1. Yeah, these kind of subjects are hard outdoors where you don’t have the control and options you have indoors. Perhaps having some pea flowers over the dark of the hole would utilise the maximum tonal range or you could have focussed more on the plant with the rocks and hole as background.

    1. A good idea! Thanks! I noticed in a photo I originally took, one of the Pea plants was positioned in front of the hole. I must have shifted my perspective when I set up my paints. The blackness seems to jump forward. I guess I could soften the darkness of it as well.

  2. No, the darkness is fine and there is some variation in it, so it looks like peering into a void. It’s just you could use it to plop a flower against and the flower would look brighter with the darker background – something for another time, have the maximum contrast around the subject of interest.

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