Bay of Fundy Driftwood (The Long Wait – Study)

Fundy Driftwood 5×7 watercolour 140lb Arches cp

This morning I took a break from painting outside to work in my studio. I need to produce about 10 small paintings for the July 29th show and sale which is during high tourist season. I was told tourists prefer to purchase smaller works so this is my first 5×7 for that show.

The reference photo was one I took a few months back while we were hiking on a beach along the bay of Fundy.  There was plenty of driftwood but this big guy caught my eye.

I left out several small branches to simplify. The bottom right stump is a distraction and pulls the eye down so I may go back in and remove it.

I was happy to get a break from working with green. Also, rather than staying true to the colours in my reference photo I finished the trunk and branches off with some ultramarine blue. I felt it gave the driftwood some life. In hindsight, cerulean would match the sky but I was looking for higher contrast. Likely, the lighter blue would have been lost.  


4 thoughts on “Bay of Fundy Driftwood (The Long Wait – Study)

  1. Hi Periwinkle, like the painting. How did it go with selling pictures to tourists? Just wondered if you’ve noticed what kind of thing they go for or if some things sell better than others. Have been thinking about doing this myself, selling pics on the sea front but need to get more stuff prepared. Sam.

    1. Hi Sam. I sold one painting and about 10 prints. Nearly everyone in our group sold something so we felt it was a respectable show. I found people were looking mostly at things that meant something to them. My sales were of iconic places and things. Hope that helps.

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