Driftwood Scot’s Bay

Driftwood Scot’s Bay NS. 5×7 watercolour 140 lb Arches
This was a fairly complex piece of driftwood but it conveyed a sense of watching the person at the far end of the beach. I wanted to keep that so I took the time to go into the detail not wanting to go too far into the surreal.

My niece, who hiked the beach with me that day said it still looks like driftwood, so that’s good. And I’m very happy with my treeline and the greens I mixed from yellow and blue.

Overall accomplishments were successful greens, loose beach, detailed focal point, a figure for scale, and courageous use of colour!  I was about to apply a grey wash over the beach but decided to hold off at the last minute. The beach was full of coloured stones, washed up seaweed, and bits of stick.  It was too much detail to paint but I didn’t want to risk muting the sense of the place.   I’ve since renamed the piece “Amethyst Hunter”. Scot’s Bay has a beach once known for its amethyst so I’m glad the purple got captured. The purple shows a little more vibrant on screen than in the actual painting.

This is the second 5×7 in my prep for the mid-summer show.


8 thoughts on “Driftwood Scot’s Bay

    1. Thank you, Jackie. I am just now getting the opportunity to do en plein air work because I’m retired. And even now, I have to schedule it. It’s so easy to work in a comfortable studio without the wind, weather, and bug challenges. 😉

  1. I like the use of colours and textures in this one, there is a lot of interest in the foreground without getting too complicated. Also the way the driftwood leads to the figure is nice.

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