Paddy’s Island

Paddy’s Island, NS 9×12 watercolour on 140 lb Arches cp
Today, I went to the beach behind Delhaven Wharf with my painting buddy, Susan.

Paddy’s Island is the small rock formation to the left of the cliff. It’s joined to the land here but when the tide’s in it’s an island.

Mixed greens and a lot of burnt sienna went into this.  The challenge was to keep the focal point small for distance but show enough detail to make it interesting (it was fairly dark).

The foreground was a vast expanse of our reddish sand and sea grass that also gets covered with the tide.  Again, just used a touch of detail here.

The cerulean wash was a success despite the steady breeze and sun drying both paint and paper in record time.

I’m pretty happy with it considering how I’ve struggled with some recent out door paintings. It’s recognizable for the most part!


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