Mills Falls, Kejimkujik

Mills Falls 5×7 WC 140lb Canson could
Today, the plein air group met in Kejimkujik National Park.  Despite being there many times, and getting married in a canoe on the Mersey River (the one in the painting), I somehow managed to get lost around Bridgewater and was an hour late for the session. It worked out in the end, as some of us hung around after lunch and painted well into the afternoon.

Mills falls are about 20-30 feet in elevation and pour over a series of granite ledges. The yellowish brown in the water is natural and caused by the tannins from decaying leaves.  I could have used a darker shade for the water as it looks almost like ink but I was so happy with how the foam turned out, I didn’t want to go over it again and lose the effect.

My trees are progressing. I worked hard to keep from going too dark.  I could have gone for a more olive/sage green though the light kept changing.  I did a little touch up on them at home to balance the values and define a few branches. Then I lightened the path so it would draw the eye. Before that, it looked like there was  a rock in the way.

Here’s how it looked at the end of the session. 

Considering I was ready to go back to painting from photos, and even though I know there’s room for improvement here, I’m pretty happy with this. 😁

Let me know what you think?


4 thoughts on “Mills Falls, Kejimkujik

    1. Thanks so much, Holly. Your very kind to say so. Some of the folks I paint with are professional painters. They do amazing work compared to me but they are very generous with their advice! I’m learning. 🙂

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