Cape Blomidon from Grand Pré

Cape Blomidon from Grand Pré 5×7 WC 140lb Canson cp

This is the fourth in my summer series and is a popular tourist spot. I worked from a reference photo I took last summer.

There’s so much in this picture that I’m including a couple of Wikipedia links for Grande Pré and Cape Blomidon.   The image speaks to three levels of Nova Scotia history: the indigenous peoples, the Acadians, who dyked the area for farmland and were then forced from their homes, and the loyalist settlers who moved in afterwards.

The contrast between the bands of light and dark were what interested me the most visually. There’s something ominous about the darkness of the trees lined up by the church, the church itself, the farm buildings in the background, and the overshadowing Cape Blomidon sitting stoically in the Minas Basin, that tells the whole story.   It’s only pastoral on the surface.

Update:  Will be painting this en plain air tomorrow.  It will be interesting to compare the two.  Stay tuned!


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