Storm Clouds

This is from a reference photo I took a year ago near Avondale. I worked in my studio all afternoon because this morning’s results on the paint-out were a flop.  I told my husband I think I’m going backwards.

In frustration, I needed to do something reassuring and started a painting with some plovers on a rock.  That headed in the wrong direction quickly (I’m hoping it can be salvaged) and I put it aside to dry.

I pulled out the storm clouds and worked out my frustration on those. In Lit. class we might have called that a pathetic fallacy, or maybe, all’s well that ends well. Time to call it a night.


4 thoughts on “Storm Clouds

  1. It’s frustrating, I know, when we do several things that we simply don’t like (or even one thing!!) but you have to remember ALL practice (imo) leads to improvement eventually. Without failures we don’t grow, which means they are really successes. Plus… others look at our art differently. I’m sure I’d love what you created. And when you look at it another day you may like it more, or see how to edit it so that you like it. 🙂 Good job that you kept going anyway!! That’s the key! And this is a very pretty scene.

    1. Hi Holly! Thanks for the support,your wisdom, and your kind words. The plan is to keep working my way through the successes and failures. It’s a steep curve sometimes. 🙂

  2. I find these clouds exciting and dramatic – and we are our own worst critics. Just keep putting that paint to the paper 🙂

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