Point Prim, Nova Scotia

img_1167Another three firsts today… first time at this location,  first outing with a watercolour sketch book for it’s rainy baptism (painting in the rain… also a first).

Point Prim in Digby, does not come up on Google maps.  Instead, you’re directed to the location of another Point Prim in PEI. After double checking we managed to find our way with minimal confusion.

The light was grey and flat. The clouds held all the drama and delivered on their promise of rain. I originally painted only one large lone spruce but the rain took care of that, so I lifted off the remnants and added three new trees when I got home. It turned out to be a big improvement. Post field-work also included lifting off much of the darker values on the rocks, adding some life to the scene.  Reserving more white around the trees and rocks could have made it sparkle.

Other things I would improve: The boat doesn’t seem to work. It seems pasted on and needs a highlight, the sky could be darker and more dramatic which would make the light in the water stand out, and the water could be calmer – it’s fairly distant.  Compositionally (making up words now), I might add a large piece of driftwood or a weathered tree in the foreground for depth.  Hindsight is twenty-twenty.

I’m not disappointed though. It came together fast and I didn’t stray too far from my goals. The bits I most like, in addition to the new trees, are the rocks closest to the trees and the foreground water.

Because of the rain we all worked quickly with some of us toughing it out and others packing up and leaving. For the intrepid six of us that remained for the critique it was a good paint-out.




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