Digby Wharf

I’m in Digby for couple of days while  hubby attends a conference at the Digby Pines. I’ve looked at the Wharf a few times on other trips and thought it would be cool to paint.  

Plenty of boats were tied up but I limited myself to attempting only a few. Instead I concentrated on how to capture a good representation of the timbers with watercolour techniques — lifting off and negative painting.

This 8×10 took about two hours to work up in my sketch book. Some things I like are the blue and green tones in the water, the two boats at the wharf and the detail in and around the wharf.  The little grey boat on the right was in my line of sight for only a couple of minutes. I thought it would balance the picture when I drew it in but by the time I painted it I was trying to recall it from memory.

The other lessons I learned were to not sit with the sun behind you because your shadow falls across the paper, and, it’s a bad idea to sit where there are mooching ants. In the absence of crumbs the artist is a good menu option. 


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