The Digby Pines Waterfront View

Digby Pines 8×10 wc

I started this on Thursday of last week.  It was my second day in Digby but I only got an hour of painting completed in my sketchbook before we had to leave.

I used up my painting time earlier to rock my sweet little cousin to sleep. He’s only 9 months old and woke up early. His mom got a nice little break and I got to cuddle a baby. It was a fair trade.

Digby Pines is an older, well established hotel just on the outskirts of the town of Digby.  For some reason I didn’t give it a prominent spot in the composition. It’s off to the upper left.  I see now, I was more interested in the water. The reflections, slow movement, and colour variations kept lowering my focus.

Initially I dry brushed the water to give it highlights. It sparkled but that really wasn’t what I was seeing. The water was glassy almost like it had an oily sheen.  And, it seemed to breathe as the tide came in.

Yesterday I washed off the original layer of pigment on the water section, and today worked in reflections with yellows and blues. Then I quickly mixed some reds and blues to apply over a wash of ultramarine followed by another layer of indigo in the foreground.  A few dry brush strokes carried the middle layer to the background.  Carefully reserving a few patches of white paper gave it the glow I was looking for.

A little more (or less) work on the trees would make them look less contrived but I’m happy with how the water turned out. And the hotel is at least to scale from where I was sitting.


2 thoughts on “The Digby Pines Waterfront View

  1. I spent a week in Digby and liked it a lot. The light in Nova Scotia is different than here. Now that I’m into photography I’d like to go there again. Lovely paintings!

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