The Duck House at Grand Pré

8×10 wc Canson 140lb cp

I love the tranquility of the gardens at Grand Pré National Park.  The ducks here are fat, indignant, and don’t know how privileged they are to have this lovely house to go into each night. I was told they are herded into it nightly because sometimes they don’t want to go. I imagine that’s not so tranquil for them.  The dragonflies seem chill though.Proud to say I didn’t use a single green in this painting. I worked mostly from primary colours.  It was a little too yellow when I finished so I added some darker willow branches and ultramarine to the pond when I got home.  The real pond was actually choked green with duckweed and Lilly pads. Nice for the bullfrogs that sang to us but we’re nearly invisible.
Thanks, Anne for the helping hand.
Since it’s Canada’s 150th birthday, we were given prepped Masonite tiles (bottom right) and asked to paint something representing Canada.  I chose the two turtles hanging out on the far bank to honour the indigenous  population that have been here for about 34,000 years.  Turtle Island is their name for Canada.   

The tile is in watercolour but they tell me it will go into a mosaic of 799 other tiles and be placed outside as part of an exhibit for the Acadian and Mi’kmaq celebrations that will happen soon. I’m looking forward to it.  I hope they use a good varnish or Turtle Island will wash away.

We ended the session with our usual round table critique!


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