The Butterfly Garden

 Another loose 30 minute practice in the Moleskine today.  My untended garden is getting overgrown with wild carrot which looks like Queen Anne’s lace, delicate pink musk mallows, and milkweed.  All are classified as weeds and the “real” flowers are getting too embarrassed to show their faces.   

I could weed it but then I would never have seen this beautiful monarch caterpillar happily surviving on milkweed leaves which is it’s only food supply.  

Monarch caterpillar on milkweed photo by gmisenor
pleinairpillar in moleskin

Monarch Butterflies are a threatened species so I keep a bit of milkweed around for them. I could transplant the geraniums, the peonies, the sedum, and the purple spikey flowers I don’t know the name of, and let the milkweed take over. Or, if I wait long enough, the weeds will take over anyway. 😊


5 thoughts on “The Butterfly Garden

  1. I love weeds that blossom 🙂 dandelions are every bit useful, if we choose to use them, and pretty (sometimes), and you can make WISHES ON THEM! Buttercups and clover, yes please. And a field of queen anne’s lace is a beautiful thing!

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