Stone Gate

The folks at the Tangled Garden, just outside of Wolfville, were happy to have a few painters capture some of the beautiful spaces they have. For a small donation of five Canadian dollars you can wander the gardens at your leisure.  It’s a few acres so there are a lot of painterly vistas. It was hard to choose.  

I eventually chose this stone gate and path partly because there was room to set up. Of course I went into unnecessary detail but I softened a lot of it when I got home. I redid the wall and the pillars and added some colour on the right to balance the picture. In hindsight I’d also put more pinks in the centre near the right hand pillar for balance.

I’m really enjoying “gardening” with my paints. And I’m happy with the storybook style I seem to have fallen into.  

The Tangled Garden makes and sells an assortment of jams, jellies, flavoured oils, and vinegars.  They also have their own flavours of icecream, and serve tea on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, in a lovely and whimsical converted potting shed that I hope to make the subject of a future practice.


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