Malt House, Ridge Road

The Malt House, Horton’s Ridge 8×10 watercolour on 140 lb Arches cp

Hooray! We had a quorum at today’s plein air site. Kudos to Nancy who drove up from Annapolis Royal to join us.  

Some attention to planning, then, working with a dirty palette I started by laying in some washes from the top down and the bottom up. The colours were already lovely and muted, and the overall effect turned out better than I’d hoped for.

The weather was cool, wet, and it started to rain before the end but the Malt House folks let us huddle inside to discuss our work. 

Beautiful spot with a nice view, and while they don’t have a food menu, you can bring your own food to eat while you sample some of Nova Scotia’s finest. Made me long for the days when I drank more than just tea!


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