Elegy for a Fallen Tree

I tried to capture some of the emotion I felt losing this great tree to hurricane Dorian. I’ve painted it a few times over the years. It had a large canopy and provided lots of shade. The bees loved it in the spring when it was covered in white blossoms. It was my hammock tree.

We fared well otherwise. We lost one third of a large maple in the front and a large willow. We also had some smaller trees split and had a lot of limb drops. But combined with losing power for three days and some basement flooding, the saddest loss for me was this tree. My husband was kind enough not to cut it up with the chainsaw until I could do one last painting.

We suffered nothing compared to the unimaginable losses the people in the Bahamas are dealing with and I feel a bit ashamed for indulging in grief over one tree. Please support relief efforts if you can through your local Red Cross and other relief agencies.

4 thoughts on “Elegy for a Fallen Tree

  1. Trees are our friends. I pat some of my favorite ones as I go by them. It is good to remember and honor our lost loved ones.

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