Light and Fast

Ireland 7×14 watercolour

I worked this up today from a photo I shot on a vacation a few years ago. I initially wanted the hard edge on the clouds but have since changed my mind. I’m not sure that’s it though. The shape is odd and the centre is a problem in how much it pulls the eye, Lifting off pigment could fix it but more than likely would make it worse. Perhaps carrying the dark cloud farther to the right would be a better solution for unifying the right and left of the composition. Maybe a bit of both.

9 thoughts on “Light and Fast

    1. The link connects to all your sold paintings which are all terrific. I’m assuming you mean the one with the gulls in particular. Fabulous light. I’ve revised mine and think it’s more harmonious. Happy to hear your thoughts.

      1. Yes it was the gull painting with the sun behind the clouds. I think my edges were more lost and found than yours and my shapes smaller and interlinked. Though if you painted what you saw then that was what was there.
        I just recognised the same set up in your painting and thought you might like to see another version seeing you had misgivings.

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