Twilight fantasy

Having fun with alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, and burnt sienna as shadow and contrast in this little butterfly marsh. I stopped when I started to get carried away with the splatters. The thing I like about fantasy painting is it’s very much like world building. The light ended up as a dreamy twilight which inspired some giant butterflies.


Elegy for a Fallen Tree

I tried to capture some of the emotion I felt losing this great tree to hurricane Dorian. I’ve painted it a few times over the years. It had a large canopy and provided lots of shade. The bees loved it in the spring when it was covered in white blossoms. It was my hammock tree.

We fared well otherwise. We lost one third of a large maple in the front and a large willow. We also had some smaller trees split and had a lot of limb drops. But combined with losing power for three days and some basement flooding, the saddest loss for me was this tree. My husband was kind enough not to cut it up with the chainsaw until I could do one last painting.

We suffered nothing compared to the unimaginable losses the people in the Bahamas are dealing with and I feel a bit ashamed for indulging in grief over one tree. Please support relief efforts if you can through your local Red Cross and other relief agencies.

Two Sketches in Avondale

Newport Landing in Avondale is one of the prettiest spots in the valley. Under wide open skies an artist can capture the many moods of the Avon River.

At high tide today (about 45 feet) the water was the colour of sandstone.

The top sketch started with pencil as my pen had rolled under the car seat. It took half the time to do the second sketch on the bottom which I kept looser and less detailed. I feel that the values in the first are more accurate but I like the movement and corrected perspective in the bottom one better.

Trestle Bridge, Horton’s Landing

The trestle bridge at Horton’s Landing can be seen from the deportation cross parking area if you face in the opposite direction.

The bridge is nestled deep in the thick shadows of trees which break up the yellows and greens of the fields.

While I was there, clouds rode across the sky like a convoy of ships. Likely they were running ahead of the much needed torrential rains we’re having today.

Already there’s a feeling of change in the air as the darkest greens will be oranges and reds in only a few weeks. Where did the summer go?

The Pond, The Tangled Garden, Wolfville

Today’s sketch is of the pond at The Tangled Garden in Wolfville. After a few schedule mixups and forgetting some gear I found myself beside the pond with my small sketchbook.

Lots of people come to the Tangled Garden to take pictures of the flowers. I was flattered by a couple of visitors who wanted to take photos of me at work. Nice to be included their late summer memories along with the goldenrod, lilly pads, and bullfrogs.

From the deck

Not much is happening in this painting/sketch I did from the cottage deck today (while waiting for family to arrive). It rained halfway through which worked out, since hiding inside gave the base layer a chance to dry. But, by then the tide had come in and I missed all the rock detail on the beach.

I settled for the blue bench, the fire pit, the picnic table, the fence and the twin-trunk Ash tree as scattered focal points. It was a paint-what-you-see kinda day.

I stuck with my colour mixes from yesterday which worked well in the background. I could have made the foreground darker to match the gloomy day but the green of the grass is kind of a happy green so I left it.