The Cat Waits

 This gentleman paused, without looking at us, along the stone path we were sharing in Portugal and appeared to be waiting for a pat. When he didn’t get one he flicked his tail a couple of times to show disdain or at least feigned indifference and continued on his journey – still without once giving us the courtesy of a glance. Fortunately he gave me a great reference photo to work from though. Obrigada gato!


Looking Back from Houston’s Beach

Today, while the group was honouring Maud Lewis by reproducing her paintings, I headed out to Houston’s Beach to practice some winter sketching at high tide.  The sketch could have been entirely done using raw sienna, burnt sienna, and ultramarine blue. And, while I tried to keep my palette muted, I couldn’t resist throwing in some bright reds. Maud might have approved. 

Ford Mercury at Noon

8×10 Watercolour – There’s something about a lovingly restored, old Ford Mercury heading across the Grand Pré dykes on a summer’s day.  This was a good opportunity to play with linear perspective and rule of thirds in my composition. The main shadow was under the truck, so it was pretty close to noon when I took the reference photo last summer. Is there a feel of magic realism to the scene? Can you hear the summer sound of grasshopper wings?

January Thaw

When I saw the mist rising on the Habitant River this morning I got my gear together and headed outside. 

I wanted to catch the atmospheric effect but I also wanted to practice some atmospheric perspective.  

But, the January thaw (+9) also brought rain. So, I quickly laid down some wet-in-wet without even touching my water supply (you can see the raindrops on my easel). 

Then, I retreated back inside for a through-the-window finale. Gouache was used for the foreground snow. I’m not sure I met my goal but I think I got the mist right… and it felt good to get out… so yay!

Hauling Traps

  “Hauling Traps” is a contemporary take on an old tradition. It’s an 8.5″x14″ watercolour of hauling lobster pots. I painted it from a reference photo (with permission). The photo was taken on a family member’s lobster boat in Neil’s Harbour.

In other parts of the province, lobster season starts on the last Monday in November and runs until the end of May. That means a lot of hours spent on the icy cold Atlantic waters in the dark in all kinds of weather. As much as I love lobster I couldn’t do the work these men and women do – much respect!

Something Whimsical 

 It’s been a busy season of plein air and studio work.

The final show and sale for the Evangeline Artists is coming up this weekend. I felt I should offer something with a winter theme.

These three little 5×7 chickadee artist paintings were just about me having a bit of fun being whimsical.

All are watercolour and gouache on 100% cotton Fabriano 140 lb hot press, mounted on cradleboard. When completed they will be protected with a wax and acrylic resin finish.