The Fleet, Castletown Beara, County Cork

It’s been a couple of years since our trip to Ireland. I finally did this painting of the fishing fleet to use in a brief demonstration I agreed to put on for our group. It’s mixed media but mostly watercolour.  I chose a fairly monochromatic palette to accentuate the light. The boats are at rest but there is still so much going on. Can you feel the tension between busy and quiet?

NorthWest Cove

Back to boring old watercolours (kidding about the boring). Today we are painting on our own for the last day of the retreat. This is one of many views from the deck of the cottage where we are staying. I simplified the background and by eliminating about one half of the lobster traps on the wharf reduced the amount of detail. From the look of the trees and water, I was still inspired by the yupo lessons of yesterday! The house on the hill is a bit of an odd duck in the scene but is actually there. I may yet remove it but it makes me smile when I look at it… kind of a deus ex cabina.