Hauling Traps

  “Hauling Traps” is a contemporary take on an old tradition. It’s an 8.5″x14″ watercolour of hauling lobster pots. I painted it from a reference photo (with permission). The photo was taken on a family member’s lobster boat in Neil’s Harbour.

In other parts of the province, lobster season starts on the last Monday in November and runs until the end of May. That means a lot of hours spent on the icy cold Atlantic waters in the dark in all kinds of weather. As much as I love lobster I couldn’t do the work these men and women do – much respect!


Porter’s Point 

I did this quick sketch of Porter’s Point today in between snow-flurries. 

It appears for a few minutes then vanishes in a whiteout. 
It’s -6 C… too cold to paint outside and I’m missing our weekly Plein Air outings. Through the window works in a pinch!

Salt Marsh Series

The salt marsh has its moods depending on the weather and time of day, much like these paintings – much like the artist too I guess –

saltmarsh dawn
Salt Marsh at Dawn
saltmarsh evening light
Salt Marsh in the Evening

painted these together alternating between, working on one while the other’s layers were drying and vice versa.

Both are representational of the same salt marsh at different times of day and in different lights. I may need to do a series.

Which draws the eye more? What do you think?