Barrington Passage Sketchbook: North East Point

White sand has been drifting in for years making a once thriving bay for fishing boats obsolete. The wharves have degenerated to where all that’s left is an impotent angry looking wall of posts. I was told by a resident that sharks once passed through where the causeway now blocks the tides.


Barrington Passage Sketchbook: Stoney Island

It’s always nice to sit in your car and sketch after a hike in the rain :). It’s the annual Girl’s Hiking Weekend and this morning’s hikes included Cape Sable Island and Stoney Island. The rain has stopped and the fog is lifting. I may head back to Cape Sable for a plein air attempt this afternoon. Let’s hope the weather improves.

Nova Scotia Sketchbook: Noisy Neighbour

I did a quick sketch this morning of an image I took last year on a hike through Miners Marsh. The redwing blackbirds were calling loudly across the marsh. This one hopped on a mound of grass and twigs where three turtles were trying to sun themselves. They did not look pleased to have to share their spot with such an extrovert and headed at turtle speed for the water.

Ottawa Sketchbook: Bay St. Brownstone

You don’t realize the amount of detail in these old brownstones until you try to sketch them. Having a limited attention span I got frustrated quickly and left out a lot of bits. Instead I tried to just put down the feel of the red brick on a warming spring morning. It may be my last sketch here. Heading home tomorrow evening and hoping to spend as much time as I can with my son between now and then.