Nothing says November in Nova Scotia like a grey day and a skiff of snow along the estuary.

Change of Seasons

There won’t be many opportunities left to sketch in the sunroom this fall unless I turn on the heaters. The feed corn was harvested across the road today while the carrots were taken from this field a month ago now. There are lots left in the ground that got missed by the harvester. I can imagine how the early morning frosts have sweetened them up.


“Pekoe” drawn from K. Lowery’s reference photo with permission

I wanted to try coloured pencil so I did this study of my friend’s cat from a reference photo she gave me. I worked with a set of pencils I got as swag at the watercolour symposium in June. It was difficult to reproduce the colours and markings exactly and I wasn’t enjoying it. I was also surprised at the number of layers needed. When I gave myself permission to just experiment with the colour though, Pekoe’s personality came through. You can tell he wasn’t thrilled with posing.

DeGraaf’s Farm – Lower Canard

Spent the afternoon sketching with my friend Susan. It’s an intermittently overcast day with bits of bright spots breaking though. The temptation is always to go in with lots of colour and I find it difficult to keep my values muted. This sketch on Canson mixed media paper was fairly successful at capturing the softer tones of autumn.

Cliffs of Moher in Miniature

I accepted a suggestion from a friend, fellow painter, and blogger Anne Wedler, to try out a miniature painting with the new palette I made. I worked from a reference photo I took in Ireland a few years ago. It was way more satisfying than it should have been but also took a lot longer to do than I thought.

In the spirit of minimalism and saving the environment it’s a good way to use up scrap paper or the backs of old paintings that didn’t quite cut it. As a relaxing bit of escapism, it has potential.